This website uses cookies and web statistics. Below you can read why we do this. We also show you which cookies this website uses and with what purpose.

What kind of cookies does this website use?

This website only uses cookies for web statistics, research and forms.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are cookies that track visitors while visiting the web. This site does not use tracking cookies. The website therefore does not offer support for the DoNotTrack setting of browsers. We follow legislation applicable in the Netherlands.

Cookies for web statistics and research

This website uses cookies for web statistics and research. We do this to better understand how our visitors use this website. This information will help us improve the site. For example by adding information or improving usability.

These cookies do not affect your privacy. They therefore fall within the exception of the cookie regulation in the Dutch Telecommunications Legislation. As a result this site does not (have to) ask permission to use these cookies.

Web statistics

This website uses web statistics. We use the open source web analysis program Piwik. The web manager analyses this data. By doing so the website can be better tailored to its visitors. The data we collect is only used for improving the site. Please see in the table below which cookies we use and what they do.

Name cookiePurpose
Cookie_pk_idIs the visitor new or has this visitor been on the site before?
Cookie _pk_sesWhich pages did the visitor visit?