Personal supervisor

Personal supervisor

The DT&V works on the basis of case management. Case management is customization. This means the approach is specifically geared towards the foreign national concerned. Each foreign national whose case the DT&V handles is assigned a 'supervisor departure'.

Many of our employees fulfil the role of a ‘supervisor departure’. They coordinate the departure process in a way that ensures the dignified and timely departure of the foreign nationals in their care. Each foreign national whose case the DT&V handles is assigned a supervisor departure.

The DT&V assesses the options and conditions for departure on a case-by-case basis. The solutions the DT&V provides are always tailored to the individual. Personal contact with each foreign national and consultation with the cooperating organisations help the DT&V determine the best way to arrange departure so that, ideally, foreign nationals choose to leave of their own accord. Conversations with foreign nationals cover a lot more than just repatriation. The DT&V also discusses issues such as human trafficking, distressing circumstances and medical conditions. If, despite being fully cooperative, a foreign national is unable to leave the Netherlands through no fault of his or her own, the DT&V submits a ‘no fault’ recommendation to the IND. The latter then assesses whether the person in question is eligible for a residence permit.

What does the supervisor do?

Supervisors departure:

  • Study and analyse the case file.
  • Draw up a departure plan.
  • Assess the options for departure and discuss them with the foreign national.
  • Conduct departure interviews.
  • Obtain replacement travel documents if necessary (sometimes referred to as a laissez passer).
  • Maintain contact with the other agencies involved in the process.
  • Make the necessary arrangements for voluntary or forced departure.

Vulnerable individuals require extra supervision

More vulnerable individuals, such as unaccompanied minors and people with special needs, possibly due to medical conditions, require extra supervision during the repatriation process. In situations such as these the DT&V makes the necessary arrangements in their destination country. This could involve organizing shelter for unaccompanied minors or coordinating medical care.

The final preparations for repatriation are made shortly before departure. The DT&V carries out a series of checks to ensure that foreign nationals departing from the Netherlands possess the right (travel) documents and any medication they need.

Departure Process

The schedule lists every action or check up moment to take in the departure process.