Travel documents

Travel documents

In order to be able to return to his country of origin (or to depart to another country that will accept him), a foreign national requires in principle travel documents, for example, a passport. Sometimes he does not hold such documents or no longer holds them. In such cases, there are several possibilities to have a foreign national travel with or without the assistance of the Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V).

It is the standard operating procedure of the DT&V to discuss repatriation with the foreign national as soon as possible.

Travel possibilities include:

  • Valid travel document. The foreign national is in possession of valid travel documents. The supervisor can book a flight or have one booked and the foreign national can leave the Netherlands using his own travel documents. It has become clear in practice that foreign nationals sometimes do not hold or no longer hold valid travel documents.

  • Expired travel document. Some countries permit their citizens to return on the basis of an expired travel document.

  • Laissez passer. The supervisor or the foreign national can apply for a laissez passer ( travel certificate). The foreign national involved can leave the Netherlands on the basis of this (replacement) travel document.

  • Standard EU travel document for expulsion of third-country nationals. Foreign nationals can sometimes travel on a so-called standard EU travel document. This is a travel document that may be issued by the Dutch government.

  • Claim carrier. A foreign national who is refused at the border and has to return can sometimes be taken back by the carrier who brought him to the Netherlands.

  • Re-admission agreement. A re-admission agreement has been concluded with several countries. It contains agreements concerning the readmission of citizens and taking over foreign nationals originating from those countries.

  • Dublin claim. If a foreign national has already applied for asylum in another country, the country where the initial request for asylum was submitted will be obligated to take the foreign national back.