International Affairs Directorate

International Affairs Directorate

The International Affairs Directorate is responsible for ensuring that foreign nationals have access to other countries.

The DT&V maintains contact with the central authorities in the countries of origin and the diplomatic representatives of those countries in the Netherlands or Belgium. The DT&V does this in close consultation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dutch embassies.

Travel documents

This Directorate handles all applications for new or replacement travel documents to ensure that foreign nationals are entitled to travel to their own or an alternative country. As part of this process the directorate contacts the diplomatic representatives of the countries of origin in the Netherlands and Belgium to determine nationality and identity. The directorate also handles applications for the implementation of European readmission agreements.


The Directorate is also responsible for allocating funding provided by the Ministries of Security and Justice and Foreign Affairs to projects that promote independent repatriation. These projects are implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and various non-governmental organization (NGOs) based in the Netherlands.


It is imperative that the DT&V maintains effective working relationships with the cooperating organizations involved in the process, to make the proper departure arrangements for special categories of foreign nationals, such as unaccompanied minors, individuals who pose a threat to public order and safety and anyone with certain medical issues. Intensive contact with international organizations and foreign authorities is also essential in this respect.


The International Affairs Director is located at headquarters in The Hague. The staff works at various locations.

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