Return Facilitation Directorate

Return Facilitation Directorate

The Return Facilitation Directorate is responsible for preparing the departure from the Netherlands of asylum seekers (who have exhausted all appeals) and other foreign nationals from an asylum seekers' centre or a municipality and who do not have (or who no longer have) a residence permit, and maintains national and regional contact with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers and municipal authorities.

The directorate contains of seven units:

  1. Groningen/Drenthe District Unit
  2. Friesland/Overijssel District Unit
  3. Limburg/Gelderland District Unit
  4. North Brabant/Zeeland District Unit
  5. South Holland District Unit
  6. Utrecht/Amsterdam District Unit
  7. North Holland/Flevoland District Unit

Place to stay

If a foreign national is not (or is no longer) entitled to a place at a reception centre and there are indications that departure can be arranged relatively quickly (within approximately the next 12 weeks), there is no reason for that person to be held in detention. Instead they can be transferred to a freedom-restricting centre (VBL). Families with minor children who have to leave the Netherlands will be moved to a family centre (GL).


The Director resides at headquarters in The Hague. The staff works at various locations.

DT&V Postal address
Repatriation and Departure Service
attn. ILC
P.O. Box 41
2280 AA Rijswijk
The Netherlands

Telephone +31 880 77 70 00
Fax +31 880 77 70 50