DT&V Staff

DT&V Staff

In addition to the directorates, the DT&V also has two staff units.

Operational Management Unit

Operational Management Unit provides various support services for the General Director and the three directorates. These include (advising the management on) staff and organisation management, general and technical support, accommodation, procurement, communication and financial management. This Unit is also responsible for providing information and managing the planning and control cycle, including the budget process.

Strategic Advice Unit

The Strategic Advice Unit supports the management and the primary process by providing advice. It acts as the initial point of contact for the primary process in which policy-related issues are concerned and is jointly responsible for developing implementation policy. This Unit maintains the administrative organisation and develops and updates our operational protocols.


DT&V Staff Directorate is located at headquarters in The Hague.

DT&V postal address

Repatriation and Departure Service
attn. ILC
P.O. Box 41
2280 AA Rijswijk
The Netherlands

Telephone +31 880 77 70 00
Fax +31 880 77 70 50