Supervision and Measures Directorate

Supervision and Measures Directorate

The Supervision and Measures Directorate is responsible for preparing the departure from the Netherlands of foreign nationals who have been subjected to a measure, and maintains national and regional contact with the Custodial Institutions Agency, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the Police.

The directorate contains of seven units:

  1. Northeast Netherlands District Unit
  2. Northern Netherlands District Unit
  3. Central Netherlands District Unit
  4. Western Netherlands District Unit
  5. Southern Netherlands District Unit
  6. Travel Bookings Unit
  7. Information and Logistics Centre

Supervising departure for detainees

Detention of a foreign national is followed by an identity investigation. The file is then transferred to the DT&V to start making the necessary arrangements for their departure. The DT&V examines the information contained in the file provided by the police or the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (RNLM), and interviews the foreign national concerned. The goal is always to prevent them from being detained any longer than is absolutely necessary. The DT&V works as swiftly and efficiently as possible and regularly reviews the situation to ensure that detention remains lawful. If the supervisor departure discovers that a lighter form of supervision suffices, the detention is terminated.


The Director resides at headquarters in The Hague. The staff works at various locations.

DT&V Postal address
Repatriation and Departure Service
attn. ILC
P.O. Box 41
2280 AA Rijswijk
The Netherlands

Telephone +31 880 77 70 00
Fax +31 880 77 70 50