What does DT&V do?

What does DT&V do?

The Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) is a professional repatriation organisation responsible for implementing the Netherlands’ repatriation policy.

The DT&V coordinates the departure of foreign nationals who are not entitled to stay in the Netherlands. Together with other government agencies and social services, the goal is to ensure that foreign nationals return to their countries as independent individuals with positive prospects. DT&V employees act with care and respect for the dignity of each foreign national.

The guiding principle is that foreign nationals are always given the opportunity to leave voluntarily, with or without our assistance.

On what groups does the DT&V focus?

  • The DT&V focuses on the following groups: Foreign nationals who have been detained as part of the national (mobile) supervision of foreign nationals.
  • Foreign nationals who have been denied entry to the country as part of the border control process.
  • Foreign nationals whose residence or asylum permit has been revoked.
  • Foreign nationals who have exhausted the appeal process and have not been granted asylum.

How does the DT&V work?

The DT&V adopts a personal approach and focuses predominantly on case management. This often requires cooperation with other agencies involved in the asylum and migration process. The DT&V also acts as the point of contact for the competent authorities in the countries of origin and their diplomatic representatives.