Frequently asked questions about the remigration policy

On this page you find frequently asked questions about the remigration policy for non-Ukrainian displaced persons.

Do I have to pay back the repatriation scheme if I return to the Netherlands?

If you re-enter, the government may claim the amount that was provided. Naturally, it is not at issue in the event of a legal re-entry.

Do I get an entry ban on exit?

No, no entry ban will be imposed. If you want to enter the Schengen prayer again, you will have to meet the admission requirements. For more information, see the IND website.

Is information about the participation in the remigration policy shared with other EU countries?

No, individual information in relation to this policy is not shared with other EU countries.

Does it matter which nationality I have to use the remigration policy?

Yes, it does make a difference. The following nationalities are not eligible: Ukraine, an EU country, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, the United States of America or Switzerland. See also the conditions on the information page.

Can I also use the International Organization for Migration (IOM) scheme?

Yes, you can make use of the support through the IOM. The return support via IOM deviates in terms of content and conditions from the support from the remigration policy. These forms of support cannot be combined.

Can I also make use of return support after 1 August if the DT&V remigration policy ends?

After August 1, regular return support policies will apply. This means that if the conditions are met, you may be eligible for return support. From 1 August you can no longer register for the financial contribution of the remigration policy.

Where do I receive the financial contribution from the remigration policy?

You will receive the financial contribution at Schiphol Airport after border control. This is for the safety of you and our employees. You must also sign a declaration of voluntary departure and you must sign for receipt of the money. You will be accompanied by an employee of the DT&V.

If I do not have a valid travel document (expired, lost), can I participate in the remigration policy and will the DT&V then apply for an extension or a laissez-passer?

No, it is necessary to submit a valid travel document with the application. You are responsible for applying for a passport, laissez-passer or an extension.