This website only uses cookies for web statistics, research and forms. We do this to better understand how this sited is used. The information helps to improve our site. For example by adding information or to improve the usability.

This kind of cookies does not impact your privacy. They therefore form an exception on the Dutch Telecommunications Legislation. This site doesn’t use tracking cookies and doesn’t follow one’s behavior on other sites.

Web statistics

This site uses web statistics. Therefore we use the open source webanalytics software Piwik. The editors analyze the data, which can help to improve our site. The acquired data won’t be used for other purposes.

The DT&V site gathers, like any other site, IP adresses of visitors. These are stored in so called log files. The log files are saved on the web server every five days, to make them accessible for the web statistics program Piwik. After that, the log files are preserved for ninety days for security reasons only.

The ministry of General Affiars has taken measures to limit the traceability of visitors of our site. We do so by immediately delete the last two octets (number sequences) of every IP address, after we imported the logfiles in Piwik. This happens in a temporary memory, before IP adresses are saved in Piwik.

Afterwards there is no processing of personal data, because we don’t have these data in our possession

We gather the following data in Piwik:

  • Used equipment and software (equpment, browsers, operating system)
  • Used links to get on our site
  • Used links within our site
  • Used search terms in the searching engine on our site.

These data is acquired by Piwik from the log files of the web server. These log files stay for 31 days in the Piwik database. They are deleted afterwards, so there are only aggregated (merged) log files left. Those produce a year report about the site visit.