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Repatriation and Departure Service

The Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) operates on behalf of the Ministry of Security and Justice.

The DT&V is responsible for expediting the voluntary and forced departure of foreign nationals who are not allowed to stay in the Netherlands. DT&V staff act with care and respect for the dignity of each foreign national.

The DT&V works with the following groups:

  • Foreign nationals who have been detained as part of the national (mobile) supervision of foreign nationals.
  • Foreign nationals who have been denied entry to the country as part of the border control process.
  • Foreign nationals whose residence permits have been revoked.
  • Foreign nationals who have exhausted the appeal process and have not been granted asylum.

The DT&V adopts a personal approach and focuses on case management. The DT&V carries out its task in partnership with other agencies involved in the asylum and migration process. The DT&V also acts as the point of contact for the competent authorities in the countries of origin and their diplomatic representatives.

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