Assistance by DT&V

The Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) can provide return assistance to foreign nationals who want to leave the Netherlands. This is only possible if you haven’t submitted an asylum application or other application for residence or want to withdraw your asylum application. In case you have submitted an asylum application and don't have travel documents, you will be responsible for requesting (replacement) travel documents from the embassy or consulate yourself.

As long as your asylum application is ongoing, the DT&V cannot assist you. Do you not want to submit an asylum application or would you like to withdraw your asylum application in order to leave the Netherlands with assistance of DT&V? Then contact DT&V via
You are free to choose whether you wish to use our assistance or not. If you use the DT&V, a Supervisor Departure will help to arrange your departure. The Supervisor Departure will ask you why you wish to leave voluntarily, and will discuss the options for your departure (from the Netherlands), such as plane tickets and travel documents.

Do you fail to realise your return, for example because you don’t obtain a travel document from your embassy or consulate that is required for departure? The DT&V can mediate on your behalf. To start this process, you have to submit a request for assistance to the DT&V. Fill in the form 'Request for assistance' on this page (available in English and French) and send it to

The foreign national has to enclose the following information with the request for assistance:

  1. Documentation he uses to demonstrate/make a plausible case that he has been unsuccessful in obtaining these travel documents, for example a statement from his embassy.
  2. Documentation he uses to demonstrate/make a plausible case with regard to his identity and nationality, for example copies of identity papers, school diplomas or similar documents, originating from his country.
  3. Four colour passport photos.
  4. A handwritten statement by the foreign national in his own language, addressed to his diplomatic representation. In this statement, the foreign national writes that he wishes to leave the Netherlands, return to his country of origin and that he wishes to obtain travel documents enabling him to return. In this statement, he will also write his name and other personal data and he will sign the statement. If this statement is missing, the DT&V can not submit the request for assistance.

A foreign national can submit a request for assistance on behalf of him/herself, his/her spouse or any children they may have. A representative can also submit a request for assistance on behalf of the foreign national.

After receiving the request for assistance, the documentation and the handwritten statement, the DT&V draws up a request for the issue of a replacement travel document, together with the foreign national. This document is referred to as a 'laissez-passer' (travelling certificate). The DT&V subsequently submits the full application to the relevant diplomatic representation and provides an explanation on behalf of the foreign national if necessary.