Duty to return

A carrier is obliged to return a foreign national whom it transported to the Netherlands and who has been refused entry to the Schengen area, to a location outside the Netherlands/the Schengen area. If the carrier fails to do so within certain time limits, the Dutch government can recover costs that are incurred by the inadmissible person.

The duty to return applies to foreign nationals who are refused entry at the border and who must leave the Netherlands immediately and also for foreign nationals who are arrested within six months after their entry with a view to removal.

The carrier must return a foreign national who has been refused entry to the Schengen area to the location from where he was brought in, the country that issued the border-crossing document that was used by the foreign national, or any third country where his admission is guaranteed. If necessary, with a means of transport other than the means of transport used for the inward journey.

The information on this site is mainly aimed at airlines. However, the duty to return also applies to transport companies that are active in the maritime sector, and transport foreign nationals to the Netherlands over water.

This site contains information about the procedure, the statutory framework and the costs the carrier is to expect, and contact possibilities for further information.