The carrier only receives an invoice once all possible costs connected with the duty to return imposed on the carrier, have been determined.

The DT&V sends the invoice to the carrier for the costs incurred. Also the payment is to the DT&V, who subsequently pays the other concerned parties.

Each invoice received by the carrier states the number of the removal order that is used to impose the duty to return. Copies will be enclosed of all relevant documents to substantiate the cost items referred to in the invoice.

Prior to the invoice the carrier will receive an intended decision. The intended decision contains a summary of all costs, all relevant documents to substantiate the cost items referred to in the invoice and a motivation as to why these costs are being charged to the carrier. The carrier now has 4 weeks to express one’s view to the intended decision. This way the carrier has the opportunity to indicate if he feels the intended invoice is based on incorrect and/or incomplete data. Expressing one’s view is not obligatory. The carrier reserves the right to lodge an application for review at all times.

Application for review

If the carrier does not agree with the invoice he can request an application for review. A reasoned written application must be submitted within four weeks from the date of the invoice. The person submitting the application must enclose a copy of the invoice with the written application. More details on submitting applications for review are in the invoice itself.

Sample calculations

See also the sample calculations for a better understanding of the invoicing and the division of the costs among the various government services involved.


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