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  1. Aliens Act, Article 5

    A foreign national who has been refused entry into the Netherlands shall leave the Netherlands immediately, in compliance with ...

    Publication | 08-08-2013

  2. Aliens Act Implementation Guidelines 2000 (A), Chapter A1/9

    A carrier must instruct its personnel in such a way that travel documents are inspected when checking in and when leaving for the ...

    Publication | 08-08-2013

  3. Aliens Act, Article 65

    A foreign national: who has entered the Netherlands on board a vessel or aircraft operated by a carrier and who is required to ...

    Publication | 08-08-2013

  4. Aliens Act, Article 4

    A carrier through whose intervention a foreign national has been brought to an external border or into the territory of the ...

    Publication | 08-08-2013

  5. Annex 9 Convention of Chicago

    Apart from the above sources of law, a specialised UN body for civil aviation, the ICAO (International Civil Aviation ...

    Publication | 08-08-2013

  6. Aliens Decree 2000, section 6.2 and 6.3

    Our Minister is empowered to recover the deportation costs within the meaning of Sections 65, paragraph 2 and 66 of the Aliens ...

    Publication | 08-08-2013

  7. CELEX 32001L0051 EN TXT(1)

    Article 26 of the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement.

    Publication | 08-08-2013

  8. Matrix for use of escorts of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

    The Marechaussee deploys 2 or more escorts, depending on flight duration and analyzed risk during the flight. The number of ...

    Publication | 25-06-2013

  9. Sample Removal order

    A foreign national who is refused entry at the border by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is called an inadmissible person. In ...

    Publication | 24-06-2013

  10. Sample booking request

    By means of a booking request, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee asks the carrier to book a flight or seagoing vessel for the ...

    Publication | 24-06-2013