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  1. Working within a compulsory framework’ (Wigk)

    It is the standard operating procedure of the DT&V to discuss repatriation with the foreign national as soon as possible. In this ...

    Publication | 10-08-2020

  2. Sample booking request maritime border

    By means of a booking request, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee asks the carrier to book a flight or seagoing vessel for the ...

    Publication | 04-08-2020

  3. What does the DT&V do?

    Video | 16-04-2020

  4. Information video You travel to a next European country

    Video | 02-04-2019

  5. Information video You have requested asylum in another Europea country

    Video | 02-04-2019

  6. Information video Why are you talking to the DT&V?

    Video | 02-04-2019

  7. Information video You refuse to depart

    Video | 02-04-2019

  8. Information video Your travel documents

    Video | 02-04-2019

  9. Information video Repatriation with medical conditions

    Video | 02-04-2019

  10. Information video Your future after your departure

    Video | 02-04-2019