Return support for third-country nationals from Ukraine

The remigration policy for third-country nationals from Ukraine ended on March 4, registration is no longer possible. Are you a third-country national from Ukraine and do you still want to return to your country of origin or another country outside the European Union? IOM can assist you with REAN-return support and depending on your nationality you might be eligible for additional reintegration assistance offered by IOM and several non-gouvernemental organisations.

Third-country nationals are refugees from Ukraine who do not possess the Ukrainian nationality. The IOM offers the following REAN-support and assistance for voluntary return:

  • Support before, during and after departure consists of return counselling and support to obtain a travel document.

  • An airline ticket and a small financial allowance to cover for the basic necessities after return.

  • Depending on your nationality, you might be eligible for reintegration support.

You can find more information on the IOM website, or you can call +31 88 - 746 44 66.

More options for reintegration support

In addition to IOM, other organizations also offer support for reintegration. This reintegration support is provided by Dutch non-gouvernemental organisations such as Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland, Stichting Goedwerk Foundation, Stichting Rotterdams Ongedocumenteerden Steunpunt (ROS), Stichting Solid Road and Stichting WereldWijd.

More information

Are you unable or unwilling to return with IOM, but do you need help? Please contact us at We will then see if we can help.