As an agency implementing repatriation policy, the Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) attempts to facilitate voluntary and sustained repatriation. The organisation cannot do this all by itself and the DT&V therefore maintains subsidy relations with non and intergovernmental organisations that perform repatriation projects.

 An important component concerns the subsidy money within the context of Migration and Development (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) that is managed by the DT&V. Money is also available from the European Union. The DT&V monitors the granting of subsidies.

Contact with social organisations

The subsidy receiver will render account to the DT&V concerning the manner in which the subsidy is spent. This is how the DT&V monitors effective spending of government funds. Moreover, it means that the DT&V stays in contact with community-based organisations, which can offer support during the repatriation process from their own role and responsibility.

Submitting a proposal

Project proposals from community-based organisations can become eligible for subsidy. When subsidies are available, social organizations can submit project proposals to the DT&V.

At the moment subsidies are very limited. For more information see the Dutch pages.