Woo requests

By way of a Woo request you can ask the DT&V to disclose certain information. Woo is the Dutch abbreviation of the Open Government Act (in Dutch: Wet open overheid or Woo).  

A Woo request must meet these requirements:

  • Clear description of the information you want to receive.
  • The information you want can be found in existing documents. Examples of documents include letters, reports, memos and email messages.
  • The DT&V has the requested information.
  • The information is about our policy, or the preparation or execution of this policy.

Via the Woo-contactperson you can check if DT&V has the information you look for. Our Woo-contactperson is available via: woo@dtv.minvenj.nl.

Do you want to request documents from a personal file? Please contact ilc@dtv.minvenj.nl directly. This does not require a Woo request. See also the paragraph 'File-related questions' on the page Contact.

Consulting Woo requests

Is the decision on a request positive? Then you will receive the information you requested and the DT&V makes the (anonimised) information available to the public. Everyone can see the published information on the website of the government, unless individual files of persons, companies or organisations are involved.