Directorate for Supervision and Measures

The Directorate for Supervision and Measures (DTM) is responsible for preparing the departure from the Netherlands of foreign nationals who have been subjected to a measure for the restriction or deprivation of their liberty or who are serving a sentence. These foreign nationals usually do not leave at their own volition but under supervision, which is known as 'forced return'.


Measures to restrict a person's liberty aim at keeping foreign nationals available for departure from the Netherlands. For example, by transferring the foreign national to a freedom-restricting location (VBL) or a family location (GL) of the COA. At the GLs, there are families with under-age children.

Foreign nationals in the penal system

A particular category concerns the foreign nationals who come under criminal law, also known as foreign nationals in the penal system (VRISs). The aim here is to have these foreign nationals leave the Netherlands once they have served their custodial sentence.