Not all costs incurred by an inadmissible person will be recovered from the carrier. For example, costs incurred during criminal detention or an immigration-law procedure will not be charged.

For example: it is possible that an inadmissible person applies for a residence permit. This means he will follow an immigration-law procedure, during with this person is allowed to stay in the Netherlands (this is not always the case). Any costs incurred during the period in which the foreign national follows the immigration-law procedure will not be recovered from the carrier.

If such a procedure is started after a booking request has been drawn up, the carrier will be informed of this by means of a flight cancellation request. If, after the procedure has been completed, the foreign national still has to leave the country, the carrier will receive a subsequent booking request with new information about the duty to return.

Any costs will then be charged from the original booking request until the flight cancellation request and then from the subsequent booking request until the moment the foreign national leaves the Netherlands.

If the foreign national is granted a residence permit after the immigration-law procedure, no costs will be charged to the carrier.