Removal order

A foreign national who is refused entry at the border by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is called an inadmissible person. In order to point out the carrier's obligation to return the inadmissible foreign national, the Marechaussee sends the carrier a removal order (or form model M30).

The Dutch government uses this removal order to bring a claim against the carrier in order to return the inadmissible person to the location where he started his journey, or to transport him to another location where he will be admitted. This could be the inadmissible person's country of origin or another country where his admission is guaranteed.

Action to be taken by the carrier

The moment when the carrier receives a removal order, two situations may apply:

  1. By means of the removal order, the carrier is requested to return the inadmissible person at the earliest possible occasion. More information, for example about the desired date of return, can be found in the pertaining booking request.
  2. The inadmissible person cannot yet be returned. The carrier does not yet have to take any action. As soon as the inadmissible person is able to leave the country, the carrier will receive a booking request, containing detailed information about the return of this person.

Possible next step in the process