Sample 3

The example below shows the costs the authorities may recover from the carrier in a situation which involves an inadmissible person to be escorted by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. No accommodation costs are charged to the carrier because the inadmissible person was transported within 48 hours after the date in the booking request indicated as the desired removal date. The total costs are a mere € 13.000. The main part is for escorting the alien person.

The rates have been laid down in law, in the List of rates (Annex 22 to the Aliens Regulations 2000). The rates used in this sample are from January 2014, since then the prices have gone up.

The number of escorts required is calculated based on the Matrix for use of escorts of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.

In case of variable costs, such as the costs of a laissez-passer, the bills of the actually incurred costs will be attached to the invoice.

From day to day


The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee refuses Mr A. Lien entry into the Netherlands for not meeting the entry requirements set by the Netherlands.


The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee faxes a removal order for passenger A. Lien to the carrier, in which the option has been checked that the inadmissible person may be removed as soon as possible. The desired date is stated in the accompanying booking request.


In a booking request the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee requests the carrier to put the duty to return, as stated in the removal order, into effect. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee indicates that the desired date of return is 06-06-2016.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee states that it needs three escorts for the assisted return, who will be available as of 06-06-2016.


The carrier transports A. Lien to country A. It makes use of escorts of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. The flight to country A takes 15 hours. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee deploys four escorts. The escorts stay in the country for 34 hours before returning to the Netherlands.

Costs per escort: (see for the calculating method escort costs):

Salary costs: 15 (outward journey) + 34 (stay) + 15 (return journey) x € 63.78 = € 4,081.92
Expense allowance: € 13.50
Flight allowance: (15 (outward journey) + 15 (return journey) x € 17.05 = € 511.50

Intention date

The DT&V sends an intention, before sending the invoice. The intention consists of a summary of costs, relevant documents to substantiate the costs and an outline of the case the invoice will be send for. The carrier is given 4 weeks to react to the intention.

Invoice date

The DT&V sends an invoice to the carrier for the costs incurred. The administration costs for handling the invoice are € 500.